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Music I would have bought

...if it wasn't copy-protected...

Comment: The situation is worsening still. Six albums, four still not found as non-protected versions.

This page lists music albums I would have wanted to buy, but will not because they are copy-protected. This is not a list of all copy-protected albums I know. This is a list of albums I would already own if a non-protected version was available.

Note: If you know of a plain version of any of the not-struck-over albums, please drop me a line at

Why don't I buy copy-protected "CDs"? Would you buy a car if you were only allowed to drive it on certain roads? If I buy a CD, I decide how I listen to it. While I could read just about any copy-protected "CD" with cdparanoia, I resist the idea of buying a product that has been purposefully messed up almost to the point of making it completely useless.

For more information on copy-protected "CDs", see for example:

Oh yes, and I do buy music on CDs when I actually get a reliable CD for my money. See my CD collection.

A funny cartoon strip about copy-protected CDs that pretty much sums up what I think:

Finally, the albums I didn't buy:

  • Amorphis: Far from the sun
  • Apocalyptica: Reflections
    There apparently is a version of this album in Finnish stores that says nothing about protection. But I have not been able to verify that it really is not protected, so this album stays on this list until I know for sure that it is not protected.

    I have found a non-protected version of this CD and bought it. Case closed.
  • Children of Bodom: Hate Crew Deathroll
    It seems there was an unprotected version of this album, but it is sold out AND Spinefarm says they won't make more of them "because their demand was weak". That's some nice logic, huh?!?

    Spinefarm eventually changed their mind and made more of the non-garbled version. Our record store managed to get one for us. Case closed.
  • Maija Vilkkumaa: Ei
  • Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat: Metallisydän
  • Sir Elwoodin Hiljaiset Värit: 18. tammikuuta